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On a spectacular site North of Split and Trogir, on the Adriatic Coast (Croatia).

The villa design was created by a team led by multi-awarded Romanian architect Attila Kim. The project is coordinated by the very experienced Studio Artis, led by the talented Croatian architect Ozana Šustić.

"The overall shape of the building follows the natural slope of the site, hovering above the rocky landscape, and divides the functional areas permitting maximum privacy for the guests: the entrance and the common areas are at the first floor, from where stairs lead to the suites on the ground and the second floor.
The discrete architectural intervention lets the ground and the landscape flow naturally, proposing only minimal inserts in the surroundings, smoothly integrated in the typical Mediterranean landscape

(Attila Kim).

Architecture: Attila Kim, Gabriel Chis Bulea, Alexandru Szuz Pop
Structural Engineering & Building Equipment: Ozana Šustić, Studio Artis
Project Coordinator: Ozana Šustić, Studio Artis

Overall Project Manager: Leonard Copoiu 

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